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Jean Parsons 
John Theobald
Judith White
Sue Bennett

My work is inspired by, amongst other things: the seaside, remembered happy occasions, days out. I paint, not the actuality of what is there, rather the idealized version, the way we might like to recall a particular place and time. I love colour.

Di Humphreys 
My art education started with a Foundation course at Manchester School of Art. After a break-for-having-children I did a three year part time course at North East Essex Art School (Colchester). Since 1993 I have been teaching general art and life drawing for Essex Adult Education. My particular interest in trees and woodland stems from a childhood spent playing in the beech woods of the Chilterns. I try to capture the sensation of being back in those woods.
Mel King 

Two years ago I embarked upon a project called ‘Red Crag’, in association with a fellow artist from my St Albans days. Red Crag is a geological feature of North Essex, but the name and the colour reference have provided an ideal platform from which to explore an abstract  approach to painting while still retaining an allusion to landscape. 

St Albans  School of Art                               1968-7

Central  School of Art and Craft                   1970-73

Royal Academy Schools                              1973-76 

Daphne Sandham
Daphne Sandham was born and brought up in North London .  The family moved in her teens to Northamptonshire, whence to Leicester Polytechnic in the late sixties - a lively time - to do a Dip A D Fine Art.  After a year out,' painting landscapes and portraits, she went back to London to the Royal Academy Schools for three years postgraduate, drawing and painting from the figure, and practicing etching and lithography in the print workshop.
She moved to the seaside in 1982 and now lives with her partner and an assortment of pets in a large rambling house and garden overlooking the estuary on one side and the open sea on the other.  She paints landscapes portraits in oil, watercolours, makes pots and continues printmaking.  Harwich is where you catch the boat for Holland and Germany and when they were little the children used to say there really were ferries at the bottom of the garden ......
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Claudia Singer
Claudia has been working with Ceramics for over 30 years, 
Claudia studied at Brighton and Farnham Schools of Art
Now working part time in Adult Education, Claudia teaches both mainstream drawing and painting and works with adults with learning difficulties.
Working from her own studio Claudia produces a wide variety of ceramics to include painted tiles and pieces of domestic ware,
hand-built and thrown ware.using mainly red and white earthen-wares and Raku.
Her inspiration is drawn from nature and the human form.
Claudia also teaches privately 1x1 or small groups.
To contact please e-mail
[email protected]
Martina Weatherley
My favourite quality in a painting or drawing and that which I aim to capture myself, is one of animated stillness. It's not quite the same as freezing or capturing something in time. More like creating space for thoughts or actions or single moments, to float and breathe. I am also fascinated by the subtleties of gesture and facial expression, and by the relationships of the subjects and the visual pathways inside images.
The drawings here are made with charcoal - some with gold leaf. The paintings are made with oil or acrylic. 
Christine Woodman

The paintings in oil and acrylic are a natural progression from my earlier botanical work in watercolour. I have two silver-gilt Grenfell medals from the Royal Horticultural Society and work in the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Pittsburgh USA.  Lately I have found myself drawn to places where organic growth collides with elemental forces and plants adapt to survive and flourish under inhospitable conditions.

I can be contacted at  [email protected]